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Industrial Project

Industrial Project


Optimization of HMI level of Cold Rolling Mill by Using Update Softwares.

Modeling and Fuzzy Control of Three Phase Electric Arc Furnaces Electrode Position Based on Genetic Algorithms.

Design of Intelligent Systems Lab.

Design of Nonlinear Control Lab

Identification and Modeling of Force Control System in Tandem Mill Operation Using Mathematical Analysis and Neural Network

Industrial automation and process control research team

Intelligent prediction of mechanical properties of steel in the cold rolling process by means of neural networks

Electrical and energy effects investigation of series reactor installation on Electric Arc Furnaces

Design and implementation of a Electric Motor Drive,

Analysis and evaluation of the power measurement devices in the Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) plant,

Design and Implementation of a Laboratory Prototype of a Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC).

State of the Art in Applications of Power Drives and Facts Devices.

Technology Trend on Electric Drives in Cold Rolling.

Application of Nanotechnology in Electrical Engineering.

Sensibility Study and Impairment of Automation Systems and Measurement Instrument of Isfahan Chemical Industry.

Monitoring Software for Gear Head Maintenances of Unit 28th of mobarakeh Steel Complex.

State of the Art in Steel Industry Processes Control Technology.

Control of Cement Milling Proven.

Design of Robust  Controller for Fuzzy Model of Crane System

Intelligent (Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy) Control Three Phase Electric Arc Furnaces Electrode Position.

Analysis of Quality of voltage for Arc Furnaces.

Analysis of Measurement Power Devices in Steel Company.

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